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SpeedMount mk2 EF for DSMC2


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The ABT cine SpeedMount mk2 EF for DSMC2 allows the utilization of the entire image circle of full frame lenses on the RED DSMC2 Helium / Gemini or Dragon sensor while gaining nearly one stop of light.



  • The SpeedMount reduces the full frame (43.3mm) image circle to S35 format (x0.72) while speeding up the lens for nearly one f-stop
  • The focal flange stays correct, so all focus witness marks remain valid
  • The new image circle covers 7K WS / 7K HD Helium, 5K WS / 5K HD Dragon and 4k Gemini
  • Positive lock to securely mount your lenses
  • Integrated RED Canon EF VV Mount circuit board so all electronic functions are usable as usual
  • Original RED VV OLPF with custom holder included. The new holder is fully compatible to all original RED mounts. You can choose between RED’s “Skin Tone / Highlight”, “Standard”, “Low Light” and “H2O”
  • No modifications to your DSMC2 camera needed. Easy to swap with your regular DSMC2 mounts and OLPFs
  • Some lenses will not work due to there protruding rear lens element. Please print the test without scaling on your printer to check your lenses
  • Compatible to all RED DSMC2 cameras except DSMC2 Dragon Mg, DSMC2 Dragon CF and early serial number Scarlet-W
  • Black anodized aluminium body


Scope of Delivery

  • SpeedMount mk2 EF for DSMC2 with captive screws
  • 1x SpeedMount OLPF (“Skin Tone / Highlight”, “Standard”, “Low Light” or “H2O”)
  • 1060 Peli case



Print without scaling on your printer: Lens rear clearance test


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Skin Tone, Standard, Low Light, H2O