Rear Filtration Mount PL for ARRI




The ABT cine Rear Filtration Mount PL for ARRI Alexa Mini (LF) and ARRI Amira allows filters to be used independently of lens and focal length between camera and lens. For release, there are filter sets that mimic the look of front diopters, but without changing the flange focal distance and focus settings. These correspond to the look of +0.5, +1 or +2 front diopters.

More effect filters will be added later this year. Also, a Clear Glass filter will be included if no effect is desired.



The Rear Filtration Mount was created at the request of the Danish rental house A Camera, in response to increasing customer demand for a special look. Many cinematographers use front diopters to reduce the imaging power of lenses towards the edges and create a “brine effect” – while maintaining constant sharpness in the center, as this look is reminiscent of vintage lenses. However, for this particular application, diopters bring problems – the closest focusing distance shifts, it is no longer possible to focus to infinity, and the lens focus marks no longer match the object distance. With the Rear Filtration Mount and its various filter inserts, it is possible to achieve the desired optical effect without shifting the focus.



  • The Rear Filtration Mount screws onto the ARRI Alexa Mini (LF) / ARRI Amira instead of the original ARRI PL or LPL mount
  • The flange focal distance remains effectively unchanged, so all focus markings remain valid
  • The mount covers an image circle of 46.31mm (RED Monstro, ARRI Alexa Mini (LF), Sony Venice)
  • Positive Lock to securely lock lenses onto the camera
  • No modifications to the camera are necessary
  • Some lenses cannot be used due to their back element protruding into the camera. Please print the test without scaling to test your lenses
  • Housing made of black anodized aluminum


Scope of Delivery

  • Rear Filtration Mount for ARRI Alexa Mini (LF) / ARRI Amira with captive screws
  • 1x filter of your choice (+0.5, +1 or +2 look)
  • Clear Glass Filter
  • Tool to replace the filters
  • 1170 Peli case



Please print without scaling: Test for lens compatibility

Additional information


Diopter +0.5 Look, Diopter +1 Look, Diopter +2 Look